MegaZoom™ HD Phone Monocular

Feel like your phone doesn't zoom in far enough to take the photos and videos you want? This revolutionary Phone Monocular, MegaZoom HD, will allow you to view and capture crisp images  40-60x closer!

Our MegaZoom HD Phone Monocular enables you to zoom in 1000 yards and record wildlife while providing  strikingly sharp images in  ultra high definition. As good as a professional telescope but compact & lightweight enough to fit in your pocket, making it much more convenient.

If you love hiking, camping, fishing, bird watching, concerts, sports events, surveilling or wildlife viewing, the MegaZoom is the perfect fit for you.


HD Magnification - Zoom adjustable by rotating zoom adjuster which will allow you to view and capture crisp images & videos 40x to 60x closer!

Superior Resolution - Multi-layer optic lens provides strikingly sharp images with superior resolution, brightness and edge clarity.

Quick Alignment - Our Phone Holder makes it fast and easy to align, watching it through your phone guarantees superior light transmission compared to any Monocular Telescope with the human eye.

Steady Recording - The non-slip, Steady Flex Tripod enables you to set up the monocular securely on any surface, allowing you to steadily record wildlife images with ease.

Easy To Carry - Compact & lightweight design makes it easy to carry around in your pocket or rucksack. 100x more convenient than a regular telescope.

Shock Proof Design - Built with modern engineering and a high degree of safety to withstand almost anything. Fully waterproof so you don't need to worry about condensation building behind the lens.

What's Included

  • 16X52 Monocular Telescope
  • Cleaning Cloth
  • Carrying Pouch
  • Hanging Strap
  • Phone Holder

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