Explorer Xtreme Plasma Lighter

Traditional gas lighters can often be unreliable and can be a pain when the weather gets rough or you run out of lighter fluid.
With double-arc plasma ignition, our Explorer Xtreme Plasma Lighter gives you the fastest and most efficient ignition possible, set fire to anything regardless of the weather!
Fully waterproof & windproof so you'll never have to worry about struggling to light a fire when the conditions get wet and windy. Super fast to charge via USB and the battery lasts a whole week!


  • Plasma Ignition- With double-arc plasma ignition, this lighter gives you the fastest and most efficient ignition possible. No more struggling to light fires when things get wet or windy, the plasma lights anything instantly.
  • Fully Waterproof - With ultra durable IP67 Waterproofing, the lighter can be immersed in shallow water for more than 1 minute.
  • Ultra Strong - Made from ABS Camouflage Protective Shell, the lighter is fully shock & squash resistant. Guarantees full working use in the harshest wilderness conditions.
  • Over-Charge Protection - No need worry about any overheating while charging. The charging light will dim when charging is complete. It can be charged by laptop, power bank or any common USB charger, no limitation!
  • Superior Charge - Only takes 3 hours to fully charge, then it can be used a whole week! No need to recharge it frequently, which is especially important for a wild environment.

Worldwide Insured Shipping& 100% Money Back Guarantee.