Hiking Action Waterproof Sweater

Tired of sweaters that get wet when it rains or snows? Fed up of getting wet and cold

Then our Hiking Action™  Waterproof Hiking Sweater is for you! Designed to keep you as dry as possible while still breathable, so you can enjoy the outdoor activities that you love.

With its waterproof exterior water and other liquids run off the sweater like magic, while the soft interior keeps you warm.This sweater is perfect for all outdoor activities.


Waterproof - Specially engineered waterproof exterior keeps you dry in rain and snow, keeping Mother Nature at bay.

Keep Warm - With an ultra-soft inner lining, our hiking sweater keeps you warm throughout the year.

Anti Stain - Stains? Forget about them. Our Hiking Action™ Waterproof Hiking Sweater  repells stains and all liquids that could ruin your day!

Anti Odour - Our advanced moisture wicking and breathable interior eliminates odor and moisture


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