Pocket Scope 4-Section Tripod

Want to take sightseeing to the  next level?This Telescopic Tripod is the perfect complement to your MegaZoom Pocket Scope.

Our Pocket Scope Tripod allows you to get a much more steady view with your Pocket Scope, allowing you to focus a lot better on the object you're viewing.

Also compatible with smartphones, GoPro's and most other cameras to take some awesome high quality photography and video.


  • 4-Section stretchable legs to obtain the perfect height for viewing through your Pocket Scope.
  • Adjustable handle to allow super precise and steady control of your monocular or camera.
  • Fully compatible with our MegaZoom Pocket Scope, smartphones, GoPro's and most other cameras.
  • Built in spirit level for perfectly level photography.
  • Made from a highly durable aluminium alloy.

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