Survival Xtreme Grapple Hook

Do you ever struggle climbing up a steep incline and wish you had something to pull up on? Or have you ever dropped something that is out of your reach?

Our Survival Xtreme Grapple Hook works as a mechanical claw for grabbing objects aswell as a grappling hook! Provides a much safer way of climbing up steep hills and rocks, rather than attempting to scramble up and risking an injury. Simply throw the grapple onto something sturdy and pull yourself up. In some cases it may even  save your life!

With the detachable cross hook removed, the Grapple can then work excellently as a mechanical claw. Whenever you drop one of your belongings from a height or down a hole, the Survival Xtreme Grapple Hook will enable you to retrieve the object with ease, no stress.

Perfect for multiple outdoor activities such as hiking, climbing, wilderness survival and other adventures! Can also be used as an every day tool at home.


Climb Anything- This Grapple Hook literally allows you to climb up virtually anything. Throw the grapple onto something sturdy, ensure it has a good grip and pull yourself up!

Retrieve Anything - Removing the cross hook section converts the grapple into a mechanical claw, allowing you to pick up any dropped belongings that are out of your reach, with extreme ease.

Ultra Strong - Forged from ultra strong and durable stainless steel, the Survival Xtreme Grapple Hook  can  hold up to 770lbs ! Only 11oz and compact enough to easily fit in your rucksack.

Easy to Use- Tie any rope that is more than strong enough to support your weight and the ring buckle at the bottom. The provided O-rings keep the Grapple Hook closed firmly.

Lightweight & Compact - Although it is incredibly strong, the grapple o nly weighs 11oz so it won't weigh you down, and its also compact enough to easily fit in your rucksack. Can also be simantled for even more compact storage.

    Worldwide Insured Shipping & 100% Money Back Guarantee.

    Package includes:
    1x Survival Xtteme Grapple Hook (Assembled)
    1x Bat Gear Tie
    2x Rubber O-Ring

    Please make sure that the rope that you tie is more than strong enough to support the load.

    Product Size: 5.9*3.54'' / 15com*9cm 

    Net weight:  281g