Waterproof Outdoor T-Shirt Unisex

Do you love getting outdoors, but tend to be a little clumsy with your drinks?

Level up your clothing game with this practical and innovative water-resistant shirt! Made with your convenience in mind, this shirt features skin-friendly materials paired with water repellant traits!

Perfect for camping trips, hiking, fishing, festivals, cycling and other outdoor sports. Never worry about getting your shirt wet or stained again!


Perfect Fit -  According to your exact size without any sizing up or down. Allowing you to wear your shirt comfortably without any worries of it being too tight or too loose.

Stain Resistant -  Spaghetti stains, chocolate milk, fruit punch, red wine, coffee... the list goes on. Our shirts prevent even the darkest of liquids and still maintains that perfect pearly white tee all day every day.

Waterproof -  Repels water and dirt, leaving not even a single drop. You won’t ever have to walk around with an embarrassing water stain all over your shirt that you constantly have to hide from people.

Multi-Use -  The minimal style of the shirt allows for use with any outfit, for any occasion! Keep it simple for a study session out with friends, comfortable and appropriate for work settings, and dress it up for a night out, all while looking fashionable and keeping you worry-free about stains and spills.

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